The Flipbook

The “Three Things God Cannot Do” Flipbook contains all of the same information found on the Presentation board (along with the additional “ABC’s of Salvation”) but it’s in a smaller, more compact packaging layout for easier use in one-on-one evangelism and sharing the gospel message.

English and Spanish Versions

The flip book is available in both English and Spanish versions and is easy-to-use in one-on-one witnessing opportunities.

Each Page is Duplicated

Front page that faces the person you’re sharing the gospel with is duplicated on the reverse side so you can follow along with what the person is seeing as you present the gospel. No need to memorize the scriptures because they’re shown in the presentation.

The ABC’s of Salvation are Included

Not only are the “Three Things God Cannot Do” included in the flip book, but the ABC’s of Salvation are included as well. Now, everything you use at your booth during Event Evangelism is all found in one place inside the flip book.

How to Use the Flipbook

Now, the “Three Things God Cannot Do” is available in a smaller, flip book format. It’s designed for use in one-on-one situations. In this instructional video, SOS Missionary Ronnie Burlison shows how to use the flip book in either a one-on-one situation or with a small group.

For a step-by-step instructional guide on how to use the flip book, click on the link below.