Many Decisions for Christ!

Sundrop Fest – Pulaski, Tennessee

June 11, 2022

A worker trained in event evangelism shares with a teen at the Sundrop Fest on the square in historic Pulaski, Tennessee.  Most cities have several events in their area each year and a booth spot is purchased to share the gospel.

Henderson County Fair – Lexington, Tennessee

September 12-17, 2021

First Baptist Church in Lexington uses the 3 Things God Cannot Do to share the gospel at their booth at the Henderson County fair.  

Spring Fling – Linden, Tennessee – 2 salvations

March 25-26 (Pastor Bill Edge)

Bill Edge, pastor of Linden First Baptist Church, prayed with 2 teens after their salvation at the event evangelism tent.  This event is the Spring Fling and is sponsored by the City of Linden.