Watch the training videos below several times to become familiar with the proper use of the presentation board and the follow-up at the “ABC’s of Salvation” table. We have divided the presentation into two steps to make it easier to follow. 

Training Video #1 – The Presentation Board

The first part of the presentation is shown in  “The Three Things God Cannot Do” evangelism board training below. Larry Dunlap shows the proper method of presenting the board in the first video.

Training Video #2 – The ABC’s of Salvation

After viewing “The Three Things God Cannot Do” board, if a person is not 100% sure that they’re going to heaven when they die, and they want to know for sure, you will direct them to the person sitting at “The ABC’s of Salvation” Table. In the video below, Connie Burlison demonstrates how to lead a person in the ABC’s of Salvation and how to pray with those who want to make Jesus their Lord and Savior.