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A Little Information About SOS Missionary Ronnie Burlison

Ronnie Burlison is the Minister of Evangelism at his home church, East Highland Baptist Church, located in Hartselle, Alabama. Ronnie has had a heart for evangelism for many years. His hunger to see lives saved and changed by the gospel message led him to pursue new ways of reaching the lost. He discovered the “3 Things God Cannot Do” method of evangelism, and it totally eclipsed all the other methods. This method was developed by SOS (Saving Our Savior) Events, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Dover, Florida.

In 2020, Ronnie became a missionary with SOS working in the southeastern states to equip churches to present the gospel using “3 Things.” He is available to travel and work with churches in the southeast and has recently worked in Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee with churches and colleges.

Contact Information

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  256.303.8198


Walter Blackman, pastor of East Highland Baptist Church in Hartselle, Alabama, shares a testimony about the great success his church experienced using the “Three Things God Cannot Do” event evangelism package from SOS ministries.

Background Information

Our Mission and Ministry

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance those that desire to be faithful in evangelism by offering a program designed for a team to go forth to lead people to Christ and to grow the kingdom of God.  The program is called 3 Things God Cannot Do (3 Things) and is used by many churches at events that involve two or more individuals actively engaged in sharing the gospel.  Training and materials for 3 Things comes from SOS (Serving Our Savior) located in Dover, FL. This is event evangelism and is the most cost effective and easiest way to bring people to Christ.


In 2017 the North Alabama Event Evangelism started sharing the gospel at festivals, car shows and church events having been trained by SOS.  Ronnie Burlison, a member of East Highland Baptist, Hartselle, AL serves as the director of event evangelism in North Alabama.  Many successful events have been conducted in North Alabama and about 800 salvations have been recorded through 2019.