Presentation Board

This is a brief overview of all the information found on “The Three Things God Cannot Do” presentation board along with helpful hints of how to share this information with those to whom you share the gospel message.

See Three Things God Cannot Do

Ask those who walk by your booth, “Would you like to see the three things God cannot do?” Wait for a response of “Yes” before proceeding.

God Cannot Lie

Reveal what’s behind the first door. “God Cannot Lie.” Share the scripture reference found on the door. Say, “If God says He loves you, you can know He doesn’t lie and that His love for you is real.”

God Cannot Change

Reveal what’s behind the second door. “God Cannot Change.” Share the scripture reference found on the door. Say, “If God says He loves you, and He cannot change, then His love for you cannot change.”

This One is Really Important!

Reveal what’s behind the third door on the board. “God cannot let anyone into Heaven unless they’re born again.” Share the scripture reference found in John 3. 

How Sure Are You?

Flip the top door of the board over to reveal the question. “Are you 50, 75, or 100% sure if you died today you would go to heaven?” Give the person a chance to respond. If they’re 100% sure, congratulate them on making that very important decision in their life.

Not 100% Sure?

If the person is not 100% sure that they’re going to Heaven, ask them if they would like to be 100% sure. If they say, “Yes,” direct them to the “ABC’s of Salvation” table where the next team member on your event evangelism team will take over. They will share the ABC’s of Salvation with the person and let them know that they can be 100% sure that they’re born again. They will lead them in a simple prayer of salvation to ensure they are 100% sure before they leave your booth.