Event & Personal Evangelism

Using the “3 Things That God Cannot Do” Board and Flipbook, Event Evangelism and Personal Evangelism just became easier!

Witnessing Just Became Easier!

When you use the “3 Things God Cannot Do” Witnessing board or Flipbook you’ll discover that witnessing is as easy as “1-2-3.” We have the tools and the training available on this site​ to equip you to share the gospel at events such as festivals, car shows and anywhere there are crowds of people.

Charles Stone, international missionary with Bob Tebow (Tim’s father) Evangelistic Association, works in his local church when he is not overseas.  He gives a brief overview of “Three Things God Cannot Do.”

Model for Churches

Starting an Event Evangelism Ministry

1.  Identify one or two individuals, usually not a minister, to OWN the event evangelism ministry using 3 Things God Cannot Do.  First, they would need to review the training videos, study training guides and complete and send in the My Testimony form.   Their responsibilities would include acquiring all materials, train workers and schedule events.

2.  Set a goal of training 24 or more individuals to serve on a team that will go and share the gospel.  Use this website as a resource to offer training as a special study at your church.  Each trained worker will need to complete and send in the My Testimony form.


3.   Plan to share the gospel at church events and local events in your community.  Use a website, festival.net, to explore various events in your area.  An area of a 30 mile radius from your location will usually offer many opportunities to share the gospel.

4.  An easy tool to manage events and workers is sign up genius.  Notification of events and shifts to work are sent by email and trained workers can sign up for their desired time to work. Go to signupgenius.com to start using this free online sign up service.

"3 Things" Evangelism Board

The “3 Things God Cannot Do” Event Evangelism Board is a very effective tool for witnessing at large and small events alike.

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"3 Things" Flipbook

The “3 Things God Cannot Do” Flipbook can be used for one-on-one personal evangelism. It’s easy to use and contains all the information you need in order to lead an individual to the salvation experience.

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Training Videos

Our training videos will show you how to use these witnessing tools in the most effective way possible.

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